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Aug 10 2009

Yes. We know. We suck.

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So with Twitter, Facebook and all the other forms of communication we have, Serroul Corner has been a little neglected. For any of you that still drop by here from time to time, thanks for your perseverance!! I’m going to put a little more effort into the blog as it’s both a great way to share our news and good therapy for me :)

Life is good but busy, as usual. John and the girls are enjoying their summer off. Bronwyn goes to daycare occasionally to give her a break from Rilla and Rilla went to her new daycare for the first time last week. The two girls will be at the same daycare again (insert Hallelujah chorus here) in September. I think they’ll both thrive. Bronwyn had a great year this past year and Rilla is so ready for school!! It’s hard to believe she’s going into Kindergarten already but she is. She’ll be one of the youngest in her class but she’s got a great teacher so we’re not too worried. As I put together a slideshow for Bronwyn’s first day, keep your eyes peeled for one for Rilla.

Our vacation home was great. The girls are turning into great travellers and the weather was wonderful. As always, it was great to see our family. Someday we’ll come home for good but not yet…

Anyway, a short post is better than no post at all. I’ll update our pics once I get them organized.

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