Best Picture Winners
Gotta Watch'em All

In 2019, I made a goal of watching every Best Picture Oscar winner. Since I'm a software developer, I immediately started designing a website in my head to do exactly that. This website is the end result o those thoughts and a social distancing during a pandemic.
This site is intended to help you track which Best Picture Oscar winning movies you've seen and which ones you haven't. Scroll through the list below and click on the ones you've watched. You can then filter the list to find which ones you haven't seen yet. Can't decide which one to watch? Just click on the "I Can't Decide" button and you'll get a selection from the Oscar winners you haven't yet watched. Your selections will be saved in a cookie on your system (the electronic kind, not the good ones) so your viewing history will be saved and displayed back to you every time you visit the site.


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